Saturday, June 22, 2013


Group size, degree of dependency, physical distances, time spent together, severity of initiation,  cooperation, threat  history of past successes are the major factors. These factors  are influencing the group cohesiveness in an organization. We shall discuss about the above factors below:

Group size
Small group size  is a greater probability of being cohesive than large groups in an organization When team size increases, in this circumstance, possibility of agreement towards the common goal and mutual interaction decreases. When team increases it restricts inter group and intra group communication and encourages for the formation of sub groups.

Degree of Dependency
It is a positive between the degree of cohesiveness and dependency in an organization. It requires greater attractiveness towards goals in an organization. The greater the degree of dependency which will be greater attraction and consequently the higher group cohesiveness in an organization.

Physical Distance
It is very important when people working together at a very close distance are likely to have greater opportunity for interaction in an organization.
It enhances the free exchange of ideas, sharing the problems and prospects in an organization. Therefore, it develops a closeness among the team members who leading to greater cohesiveness.

Time spent Together
Time spent together and cohesiveness is positively related people who met frequently and spend time together for developing mutual attraction and interpersonal interaction.

Team members are developing friendship and communication among members in an organization.

Severity of Initiation
It is positively correlated  towards with cohesiveness When strict admission procedures are prescribed for entry into group that is create severity of initiation.
In this case, the group becomes unique and elite in the eyes of other teams in an organization.

It arises out of the natural human tendency which share among the team members and get benefits for their efforts in an organization.

It is the team spirit that is developed by all team members in the team. It helps to share their personal opinion, suggestion, and recommendation relating to group tasks, reward system in a team and teamwork. Well designed organization structure promotes greater cooperation in this way cohesiveness is enhanced.

Status and cohesiveness are positively related in an organization
Status is identity of team and team members and their tasks in an organization Status will come to heard dedication, achievement,  growth and development of the organization.

It is also considered determining factors of cohesiveness External threat is unpredictable and uncontrollable Internal threat can be predictable and controllable,  Its impact on the group, its identity, and process in an organization. Strong and united team can easily face threat in an organization.

History of Past Successes
It is very important factors influencing the group cohesiveness in an organization Past result, performance, growth and development is the step stone towards the future goals and mission and vision of an organization Team will be evaluated the past results and analysis and interpret future result for survival and growth and development of an organization.